Helping your business to a more profitable future as well as reporting the past
Chartered Accountants & Business Development Advisers

Our Ethos

How do we think?

Ever since Luca Pacioli wrote a book that included double entry book keeping in 1494, accountants have traditionally reported historical figures. While this can be useful, we believe that accountants are uniquely placed to help business owners look at the future and develop strategies to improve those figures or their lives in general.

What do we do?

We do have business owners that just want us to prepare the historical figures and tell them what their tax liabilities are and that is fine with us. We are here if they want more. We have regular meetings with those clients.

For some clients we do all of that but we have more meetings and look at the future and if it does not look good we can help change it. We are not experts on our clients businesses but we are good at asking the relevant questions to help them improve their business uin the way they want to.