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Xero/Sage Training

We offer great discounts to clients that have great accounting systems. Therefore we recommend that all of our clients, no matter how small, should maintain their accounting records using a proprietary accounting system.

Many different systems are available on the market, but as a firm we specialise in Sage.

The discount for preparing your annual accounts from an excellent set of Sage records, rather than from a good set of manual records, can be as much as 45%.

Bearing in mind these potentially huge savings, every business should consider switching from cashbooks and spreadsheets to a proprietary system. Although it might seem daunting for non-accountants, seeking appropriate training and guidance can help to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible.

So we offer three-hour bespoke training sessions, either in the comfort of your own office or in our office, away from any distractions. We will train up to 4 delegates, depending on the number that need to know how to use Sage. Wherever possible we will use your own business records, so the data you use for training is real rather than meaningless examples from a textbook.

We can also supply you with software from Sage, with a discount ranging from 5% to 20% of RRP.

After you’ve completed your training, we also include 6 months of follow-up support by telephone or email. If any more training is needed – or you simply want us to review your work, to ensure it’s been done correctly – we can provide further training.

Xero/Sage Training
"Sage training from Anthony Russel has tuned up my business."
Claudio Di'Maggio Owner, Perfect Touch

For further advice on Xero/Sage Training and how Anthony Russel may be able to assist, please call Tony or Wayne on 01376 550295 or via our contact form.