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"I moved to Anthony Russel for a many reasons but the following aspects of the company was the main driving force behind choosing Anthony Russel.

I was looking to move to a company closer to home to eradicate the 50 mile drive each way to work. I had interviews with a few local firms but felt like I would have only fitted in rather than belong. Then I had an interview at Anthony Russel as was so impressed, I left wanting to get offered the job. I immediately phoned my recruitment agent and told him the same.
I was “wowed” as I was looking for a company that I could see a clear progression path that could match my career goals and aspirations.

Anthony Russel certainly have a clear vision for the future and a picture and plans of where it wants to be and how to achieve it. I was also impressed that it hires apprentices of which all three are still here today progressing well. This highlighted to me that it was actively progressing staff and that it was a great place to work seeing that they were all still here and happy when many students drop out.
Also the support they offer for trainee accountants is extremely helpful. They support you and celebrate any achievements and exam passes with you. Fortunately I have not received the support for fails like every other team member hasn’t. This highlights how good the training and support you receive from each individual team member that it gives you the best chance of success. In addition working here makes you want to better yourself and drives you to push on with your career as you know that the door is not closed beyond a certain point, which is the case in many companies across all career paths.
Ultimately the company is growing and this brings exposure to all different types of work. I have improved my skill set quite dramatically and am encouraged to ask questions rather than be budget conscious which is quite rare in the accountancy profession.

Any individual looking to progress whether it being a trainee or senior accountant Anthony Russel will certainly offer that opportunity of progression and will not hesitate to guide you and push you in the right direction.
All being said it is a great place to work and a move which I am very happy I made.

I suppose the team are not too bad either!"

Chris Smith

"I started working at Anthony Russel in October 2008. I joined as a junior after Sixth Form College aged 18. I have been trained to a high standard and supported in my studies and education from the day I joined.

I started my education at Anthony Russel by going to college to study AAT, and obtained the AAT qualification in two years.

I then went on to study ACA while also moving up the firm as we grew. There is always support available for anyone wanting to progress further with their studies and education.

We have a great team at Anthony Russel and we have developed good relationships with each other. This has helped create a good working environment and also a level of support as we are always happy to help each other.

Our mission is to ‘exceed your expectations’. I have seen this mission develop throughout every department at Anthony Russel, and something I have seen us grow into since I joined."

Chris Metcalf

"Previous to my employment at Anthony Russel, I had applied for college to do my Level 2 AAT. When I got offered an interview, I was excited as it gave me more options for my studies. Deciding to work for Anthony Russel as an apprentice was an easy decision, as I have gained a lot more experience in the work place and have developed a wider knowledge. When doing my exams, everyone at Anthony Russel is very supportive and positive towards my progression.

As a team we work towards quarterly targets, which motivates us to all work hard to achieve our goals. Once we have reached these targets we then get rewarded, previously we have been to London and horse racing.

Having now completed my Level 2 AAT, I have progressed to study Level 3 AAT and I am looking forward completing my AAT and further, with the help and support of Anthony Russel.

Currently I am an apprentice at Anthony Russel studying my Level 3 AAT at Colchester institute.

My main role is to make sure that all payroll is completed on time and to our client’s needs, myself, Lucy and Jamie all work together within our payroll department to ensure that all queries are answered."

Keeley Salmon

"I started at Anthony Russel in 2012 as an apprentice and they supported me through my three years of AAT training. When I was nearing the end of the AAT qualification they encouraged me to consider the available options to further my career. I am now studying the ACCA qualification to become a certified accountant.

Anthony Russel have always helped me to build on the skills I learn at college. I started off doing easier tasks and as I gained more experience I was able to do more challenging work such as accounts production and tax returns. I am learning more at work every day which is helping me progress with my career. I also receive lots of help and support from my other colleagues.

We are set quarterly targets and are rewarded if we meet them. This motivates staff and encourages us to work together as a team to help to reach each target. We recently went to Hint Hunt in London which was a great afternoon out. These rewards help us to build strong relationships with each other."

Georgi Eagle

"One of the main reasons I enjoy working at Anthony Russel is because of the progression I have managed to achieve whilst working with them. When I first joined in September 2013 after leaving school I began an apprenticeship of which they provided guidance and support throughout the three years of AAT training. When I was nearing the end of the AAT qualification they encouraged me to consider the available options to further my career and gain new skills, of which they are now supporting me through my ACCA training to become a certified accountant.

There are always opportunities to learn new things within the company and progress.

Another great aspect of working at Anthony Russel is the rewards we receive when we reach our quarterly targets of which we all do together, recently we have been horse racing and to Hint Hunt in London. This has really helped us to build up strong relationships with all colleagues and work together as a team.
Everyone at Anthony Russel is really approachable and friendly making it a happy working environment."

Lucy Lee

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Accounts Apprentice
Accounts Apprentice

Every year we take on at least one apprentice to train under the government apprenticeship scheme for the AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) exams.

The role commences at the start of September each year to fit in with the academic year.

  • Minimum of 5 A-C grade GCSE including English and Maths
  • Enthusiastic
  • Desire to learn new skills
  • Confident

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Accounts Senior
Accounts Senior

We are for people with recent previous experience in an accountancy practice that can produce a set of accounts.

If you are interested in a career change and have the following attributes, please apply for the position:

  • AAT Qualified (or equivalent relevant experience)
  • Enthusiastic
  • Confident
  • Great communication skills
  • Uses initiative

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